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About Nadi Astrology


The Rishis or holy Sages of Ancient India applied their minds and discovered many arts and sciences for the well-being of future generations of mankind. These Rishis occupied themselves in concentrating on the one divine being viz. paramatma. More than that they were able to visualize the future of human beings by their fore-sight. Thus the Rishis like Agasthaya, Kousika, Vasishta have given predictions for the persons living in this world.

The Rishis have given predictions only for such of those individuals whom the Rishis knew would come and get the predictions. The exact age in which each such person will come for this study has also been foretold by these Rishis. These predictions are written on palm leaves. Like many other arts and sciences of ancient days they were also in Sanskrit. Later, the Tamil kings gathered all such palm leaves irrespective of the subjects, they dealt upon and stored them in big libraries. These leaves which are the repository of the Wisdom of ancient Rishis would otherwise have been lost to us.

The King of Tanjore, a true patron of Arts and Sciences, stored these palm leaves in his palace library about 300 years back. He also got them translated in to ancient Tamil with the help of Pandits. Later, these leaves came to the hands of the British, who gave them to their loyalists and some were put to auction. Our forefathers, who were professional astrologers bought these palm leaves and started offering predictions based on these palm leaves. Our family is involved in this field for more than 90 years. My uncle, Jothida Kalaimamani Swami Satchidanandan, preserved these leaves and addedmore palm leaves that he could get from every available source.

He then established at Vaideeswaran Koil, a Nadi Centre called “SRI KOUSIKA AGASTHIYA MAHASIVA VAKKIYA NAADI JOTHIDAM” and practiced Nadi Astrology. We are having Agasthiya and Mahasiva Naadi Leaves.

The Method Of Study.

When a thumb impression from a native is obtained it is handed over by the reader at the library. The palm-leaf bundles are classified & indexed in the library according to thumb impression to facilitate easy searching of the bundles. For each thumb impression there are likely to be around 5 to 6 bundles; each such bundle will contain between 50 to 100 leaves. The leaf of one particular individual may be found out in the first bundle or in any other bundle. However, sometimes the leaf for an individual may not be found out, as the predictions from this holy script is confined to some limited souls or the time for getting the predictions has not come. Hence, the process of finding out this specific leaf is laborious and time consuming.

Because the reader has to read out one statement from the first leaf and if it is confirmed by the native, he will read out the second statement to verify its veracity. If this statement does not hold true for the native the reader will have to go on searching leaf after leaf, bundle after bundle to trace out the one leaf in which all the particulars concerning the Native correctly appear. To expedite this process the Native has to extend his full co-operation i.e., he should listen to the reading carefully and answer correctly. Before revealing the predictions, each person is first identified from his date of birth details, planetary positions as at the time of his / her birth, parentage, names of some close relatives, position in life. marital status etc.

After this, the predictions for the individual follow from the date of his studying the Nadi to his last day. The past, i.e. the happenings from date of birth to date of studying the leaf is not covered. This is probably in order to avoid any complications arising in human lives. It is also possible to get the Nadi leaf by filling a Questionnaire if it is not possible to give a thumb impression or the individual is not able to answer the questions asked by the Nadi Reader for locating the exact leaf. The exact leaf that is traced also contains the first Kaandam also called General Kaandam representing the native's lagna.

The General Kaandam will also furnish brief predictions of the remaining 12 houses of the Native's birth chart. If detailed predictions of any other house are required, they can be studied in the relevant Kaandam as per the list. For getting good results, as extended by this holy script, the Rishis insist that the Native should be free from the evil influence of all their previous birth sins. Therefore, the rishis suggest and specifies the performance of certain parihaaras (remedies). If these Remedies are performed with full involvement, the Rishi assures the happening of the events predicted by him. These are found in separate chapters called Shanthi &Deeksha(No 13 & 14).

Maha Siva Naadi

The predictions start with a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, who requests Lord Shiva to tell the predictions of her son/daughter, who has come forward to know his/her future. Lord Shiva then gives the predictions. The Maha Siva SukshmaNaadi is more exhaustive and accurate in predicting events as compared to Kousika and Agasthiya Naadi’s followed by our family earlier That is the reason why, the charge for this Sukshma Naadi is somewhat higher.

Interestingly, the Agasthiya and Sukshma Naadi contains predictions for all persons belonging to various religions, communities and regions of India and abroad. The Pariharams suggested to customers of other religious faiths, include the remedies to be performed as per there customs as well as to the Hindu gods and Navagraha planets. Similarly remedial measures suggested to the Hindus include pilgrimage to Velankanni Mary Temple, a Christian Church and the Nagore Dargah, a Muslim holy place within Tamilnadu and Gurudwaras. Thus religious tolerance and fraternity is also preached. . .

Reading and Interpretation Of the Nadi

The predictions of the Naadi are all in Tamil Language in poetic form and using code words for astrological and other terms. These are not commonly understood by educated Tamilians. These are deciphered by the Asans, Readers who are trained in Our Head Office, for 7 to 10 years in reading in palm leaves and interpreting it, in simple spoken language in Tamil.

In the case of those who do not know Tamil, these are translated into Hindi or English. More than understanding the meaning of the poetic form, the Asans have to interpret the predictions correlating to many changes that have taken place in modern times. In olden days the educational and professional fields were limited. But nowadays, there are hundreds of specialized fields. So interpreting the old Tamil words to modern vocation, needs great skill and experience. This difficulty is there in Natal Astrological predictions as well and lots of researches are going on to interpret it correctly, correlating to modern times.