Nadi Chapters (Kandam)

Nadi Chapters (Kandam)

List Of Chapters

Chapter 1:- To be found out through thumb impression (Gents-Right, Ladies-left)or horoscope of the concerned person which will contain name, parent’s name, details of profession, brothers, sisters children , wife and gist of future predictions for 12 houses.

Chapter 2:- Money, Eyes, Family, Education speech.

Chapter 3:- Number of brothers and sisters, affection, help or ill feeling in between self and brothers and sisters, Ears, Courage, House hold utensils.

Chapter 4:- Mother, House, Vehicles, Land, and Pleasures.

Chapter 5:- Children,-Their Birth, death, reason for not having children, adoption and remedial measures for having children, future lives of the children.

Chapter 6:- Diseases, Debts, Enemies & Court cases, Remedial measures for avoidance.

Chapter 7:- Age of Marriage, Distance, Lagnam, Planetary position of the bride or bridegroom, future life with husband or wife.

Chapter 8:- Longevity, Accident, & danger to life, Age, Month, Day, Time, Star, Lagnam and Place of death.

Chapter 9:- Predictions in regard to Father, Wealth, Visit to Temples, Luck, Preaching through holy men. Charitable deeds.

Chapter 10:- Profession, Future predictions in regard to job or business, change of place good and evils in profession.

Chapter 11:- Profits in Business and second marriage.

Chapter 12:- Expenditure, Foreign Visit, Next birth and Attainment of salvation.

Chapter 13:- SANTHI PAIHARAM: Last Birth, Sins committed, Remedial measures for getting rid of the effect of the past birth’s sins.

Chapter 14:- DEEKSHAI CHAPTER: This chapter deals with “Mantra”. Subjugation of enemies, and use of Mantra to win over the enemies, Litigation, Bad and evil effects, Diseases and Hazards.

Chapter 15:- AVADATHA CHAPTER: Medicines for long standing diseases and method of taking them.

Chapter 16:- DISABUKTHI CHAPTER :( Directions) This Chapter deals with Planetary periods, sub periods, and their influences.


i) POLITICAL CHAPTER: Deals about the success of your political careers.

ii) PRASANA CHAPTER: You can get the solution for your problems through Questionnaire.

iii) DEESA BUKHTHI SANTHI: Tells you the remedies for the malefic effect of the Deesa Bhukthi.

iv) KOTCHARA SHANTHI CHAPTER: Remedial measures (or) predicted based on the unfavorable planetary position.


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