Nadi Astrology Process

Nadi Astrology Process

You have to visit our Shri Koushika Agasthya Mahasiva Vakkiya Nadi Jothidam, here many naadi readers are involved in the process of finding future through your thumb impression.

You have to give your thumb impression. Right thumb in Case of Male and Left thumb impression in case of female.

With the help of thumb impression Nadi readers find a bundle which might contain the leaf which stores your future. You have to answer some questions asked by the Nadi reader which is given in the bundle to find the correct leaf from the bundle which stores your future.

Nadi readers read leaf by leaf to find the perfect leaf from the bundle. If some how they might not able to find the leaf from the bundle they go and again find another bundle with the help of your thumb impression. Then again they ask you some questions to find the perfect leaf from the bundle. The leaf which contains information about your name, your father’s name, mother name, number of brother and sister and some more details then that is the perfect leaf and whatever is being written in that particular leaf is your future.

After finding the perfect leaf Nadi reader write down all the things from the leaf into a notebook and narrate it in your presence with a translator who can able to translate it in Hindhi ,Bengali or English. Then it will be recorded in CD and it will be given to you.

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