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Nadi Astrology Process


1. The process starts with the Native giving his/her thumb impressions.
2. Thumb impressions (Left for women; Right for men) are taken three times on a blank white paper.
3. After that, the astrologer identifies the pattern in the impression and identifies the category in which the palm leaf (Olai Chuvadi) will be found. Olai Chuvadis are tied in bunches of 50 to 60.
4. Each leaf has contents written on both sides.
5. The Nadi astrologer asks few questions, for which you have to respond 'Yes' or 'No' and he eliminates the non-matching index Olai's and finally he might end up in one Olai in which all the questions will end up with getting a 'Yes' from you. At that point, they have located your 'Palm Leaf' which also has the General chapter.
6. It may take a few hours and at times, a few days to locate the exact leaf. Once found, the contents of the leaves are narrated by the reader in the old Tamil verse, which is then simultaneously translated into the language of your choice.
7. Then the reader also gives you an audio recording (CD) of the predictions for future reference.